Birth Story

So, here it is.. the details of what happened and how it happened! The 2 weeks prior to Hannah's arrival, I was having contractions on and off... the fews days before Hannah was born - I started trying to walk a bit more.. to get the contractions to become more consistent and stronger..... they were coming more often, but no pattern! ugh.. so frustrating! Finally though, Thursday night - just after midnight - contractions regularly every 2 - 3 minutes and they were getting stronger. however, by morning - they had slowed down and no more pattern.... Darn!

That friday morning - I did have an appt. I told John on our way out - we are NOT coming home again without a baby... the dr. had better admit me today - I was way over having contractions and cramping and feeling like I was! We see the dr. and I tell her about my contractions. She checks me and sees that I have progressed in dilation from the week prior and told us to stick around - go walk the mall or something and if in a few hours, the contractions are still going on - to head to triage to get checked out. So.. i walked... fast and furious - through contractions.. I did not stop! I told you I was serious about not going home till this baby came!!

We head to triage... they check me - and I'm a tad more dilated then that morning.. Thank God! All I needed was a tad more.... :) They admit me... and tell me they will section me later that evening after I wait the appropriate time because we stopped for lunch before we came in! oh well...

John heads home to feed cats...

I'm bored out of my mind watching the clock tick on by... but excited to meet this baby!

Anesthesiologist comes in and plans change just a bit. She was a bit concerned b/c I have a VP Shunt in my head and she was not sure about all the details of that and my brain tumor from years ago... and she didn't know how the pressure in my brain would respond to the spinal block or an epidural - so she thought the best thing to do was to put me under, knock me out... put me to sleep... I was disappointed by that, I wanted to be awake to see my baby born.. but if they thought this is what was best -then we went w/ it. John gave the anesthesiologist a hard time.. b/c he wasn't allowed in on the surgery and he was going to have to wait outside. He wanted to know ASAP what the baby was... so as soon as she came out -someone ran out and told him - It's a girl! He then had to wait longer before even seeing her - although he got to see her and hold her before I even knew what she was!

After they put me back together, I remember being woken up on the recovery room and hearing John say - guess what it is.. it's a girl. And I kept responding - really? a girl? are you sure? what does she look like? she's really a girl? I was so OUT of it! I couldn't really open my eyes - so it took a while to be able to even look at her... let alone hold her! That was hard - how out of it I was and how long it took me to comprehend what was really going on.

But - she came out healthy! I did find through the surgery.. recovery is going well so far. I'm sore, but doing okay. Still a bit swollen in my belly, and healing up from a bad allergic reaction to the chlora prep they paint your stomach with before surgery along w/ a huge ugly bruise on my lower belly... but, I'm getting there!

And Hannah is here! And we're thrilled to have her! :)


Mindy Skains Barefoot Book Ambassador said...

Oh I love that you didn't know what you were having. I feel there are so little real surprises in life that Waiting to see at the birth is such a blessing.


Brianne said...

I love it too that you didn't know. If I ever have another I will make it a surprise! Sorry it did not turn out like you hoped but everyone is healthy and that is what is important! Thanks for sharing!