14 months too late

So, we ended up getting 2 swings through this craigslist listing.. one is a take along swing - low to the ground.. and the first 2 days we had it - Asher was loving it! We did not have a swing for him as an infant - and we probably totally missed the boat on that one! Here he is.. - snuggled in the swing - napping... he crawled in and went to sleep! so cute..

We just finished setting up the crib for the new baby rearranging the nursery for 2 cribs... it turned out better then I thought... We're about ready for this baby! Now, if we could just get the rest of the house organized! HA!

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Janice said...

i love the new picture on the top that was just too cute in all those pumpkins...and boy is his hair getting long...what a sweetie you have