Da Da

I was feeding Asher dinner the other night when John walked in the back door. Food became invisible, Asher's face lit up with a huge smile and he shouted out.. "Da Da!" And laughed. John and I looked at each other and laughed too! How neat to hear him actually call John dada and know that John is his daddy. Asher loves his daddy and follows him around the house when he can. He'll go looking for him in the morning.. sometimes John will be in on the computer and if you sit on our bed you can see him and I'll watch Asher position himself so he can look through the doors and look for John or he'll crawl from the family room and head into the laundry room/bathroom hoping to find John there.. it's fun to watch him get excited when he sees John.

He has also figured out how to get off the couch or bed without landing on his head! He'll lay on his belly and scoot himself around until his feet are dangling and then he'll slowly slide himself down until his feed hit the floor. I have no idea how he figured this out.. but he did! He really amazes me somedays with all that he can figure out. I can't believe I"m at the point where we are thinking about his 1st birthday... one year? already? crazy! Good thing another baby is coming along! haah...

speaking of baby's... our baby is beautiful and healthy and has 10 fingers and 10 toes and a healthy heart and brain.. we saw him... her... on friday and what tender moments to see this little one moving around and playing with fingers. God is awesome in this miracle of knitting a baby together.. Our baby is measuring about 6 days ahead.. and weighs about 11 ounces. :) I am starting to feel more and more movement and am excited for those moments of knowing there is a little one inside me. I often forget this time around that I am pregnant.. with Asher I thought about it constantly.. I think asher still has me thinkign about him constantly.. so feeling this baby move will be a good reminder that I am pregnant! haha.. And i'm sure the growing belly will be a good reminder too!

I meet w/ CPM tomorrow to preach and read my st. of faith. Then t hey'll ask me really hard questions about my theology and what I believe and I will feel like they are trying to trip me up.. i'm praying that I will speak clearly and not get flustered and that God will provide me with all my words. Next step could be putting out PIF's.. and looking at churches... what a long journey this has been.

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