world traveler

Asher is now officially a world traveler.. well at least across the ocean to Northern Ireland kind of traveler... We spent a week traveling around N. Ireland, visiting with Sandra and Wesley Carson and enjoying the wedding of their daughter Lisa. Here's a few pics.. i'll update later with more..

on the plane on the way over.. Asher LOVED looking out the window.. so much to see! :)

our first day there, on our way to our B&B, we stopped in Newcastle for lunch.. and to stretch our legs and get some fresh air!

Our window view at our first B&B in Kilkeel.

Our second day we went to the Silent Valley and did some hiking around. Asher was excited!

At the Silent Valley

Asher liked to kick off his shoes and socks!

Me and the microsprout!
ok,,... i'll have to add more later.. :)

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