'small group'

We started back w/ our small group last night - at our house! it was great to see everyone and to welcome a new couple to our group as well. John and I really missed being a part of that group and last night as I got into bed.. I felt so content and thankful to have our house full of chatter and friendships. I'm going to like Tuesdays.

Asher joined our small group last night too and did a great job! He offered words of wisdom as best he good, but really he dozed in and out of sleep and enjoyed looking at the shadows on the ceiling - one of his favorite pasttimes.. He felt asleep about 8:45 while we were praying and slept until about 4:30 this morning.. (which has been his schedule..) - I got up and saw that he didn't look super awake yet so I put a pacifier in his little mouth and he fell back to sleep. Although I heard murmings after that - he didn't fully wake up until about 5:50 this morning. I told our small group in an email this morning that they need to come every night to the Lindtner household!

I led the adult bible study this morning while Mark is away in France... ( I know, France - wouldn't we all love to go to France for a little get away?) We talked about Jonah and his frustration - i.e. - temper tantrum w/ God over God changing his mind and being merciful. We talked a lot about mercy and the more we talked, the more we became confused as to what mercy really is... ask me now and I'll tell you I have no idea! I do, but it's complicated.. and hard.. mercy is... looking at someone through the eyes of Christ and loving them - as is, without conditions, regardless of what has been done or will be done... I'm not sure I can be the merciful person God calls me to be - but i'm sure glad God is merciful towards me.. he knows I need it!

I'm getting ready to head home to my boys.. I like saying that - my boys.. :)

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