life update..

So, I suppose it's time for an update... here it is!

Had our 36 week appt last thursday and the baby is down low.. very low - which explains all the pain and discomfort I am in. I am not dilated.. not yet anyway!

Saturday was feeling very nauseous and sick.. saturday night started throwing up.. leading to dryheaves... leading to dehydration and contractions. 3am we check into the hospital wondering if this might be it.. it wasn't.. kind of disappointing - i'm very ready! they rehydrated me, stopped the contractions which were more about the throwing up and dehydration... and sent me home. I still feel pretty awful... nauseous, no appetite but trying to eat something... (not going so well)... very achy/sore... minor contractions but inconsistent...

I'm really hoping this baby comes soon - I can't take feeling like this for another 4 weeks... in the mean time - the baby is still kicking me.. so he/she is doing well! which is good and all nice for him/her considering how crappy his/her mommy is feeling.

Kitchen cabinets on the other hand are looking beautiful and I really need to find my camera and show you all some pics...

soon.. i'm praying for soon!

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The Rhoads said...

Hope you are feeling better! I bet you're excited for the new baby to arrive soon!