shower and dry wall..

Here's the base and walls of our new shower in the new bathroom! progress... :)

The other side of the bathroom - in the corner there is where the sink and vanity will go... yup. eventually!

The laundry room/area - looking into the bathroom...

We are drywalled... I guess it needs to be sanded and more of that white stuff needs to be put on the seams... it's coming!

our new storm door that took like 8 hours to install - John and I did it - ok - well John did most of the work - I encouraged! (and handed out screws - i'm important!)

So - that was last week. John had a 'talk' w/ the contractor saying - move it! We'll see...

Last week we also had our 32 week appt.. here's some stats from that!
Weight gain - 0! phew... (clarify - 0 pounds for the last 4 weeks, total weight gain - like 14 pounds..).
Blood pressure - 98/63. - good good..
Baby heartbeat - 158..

She did check my cervix b/c I had been feeling loads of pressure way down low and a bit of cramping - and my cervix is still closed and good.. (perhaps TMI for some of you!) but the Dr. could feel the baby's head - which is apparently against my cervix there.. ya - that explains all the pressure! but - all in all - baby is good! And we go again in 2 weeks.. :)

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