reflective perhaps?

I'm feeling reflective today... and waiting on meetings - so i'll write!

I have spent this pregnancy praying for this baby - of course! And well, selfishly praying that this baby will be healthy. I say selfishly b/c it almost makes it sound like - if this baby isn't healthy - that he/she is somehow less then normal or not good enough or not what we wanted. And I struggle w/ praying that at times - b/c I know that this baby has been delicately formed by God who has a plan for this child - 'healthy' or not... And so early on - as I continue to pray on for health - I have found myself also praying - that whoever this child ends up being and whatever trials and joys this child brings our way - that God will prepare John and I as parents and that God will use this baby as a blessing in helping those around him/her - to know God.

I found a link this afternoon to another Blog- of the wife a singer in the group Selah. (a Christian group). They were pregnant w/ their 4th baby girl - and at their 20 week ultrasound found out that the baby was not doing well and would not survive. In April - the baby girl was born, lived for 2 blessed hours and is now in the very presence of God. And she blogs about her heartache - of course - but also about how blessed this little girl was and the joy and testimony she brought to so many people. This baby was not healthy - but she was perfect - perfectly formed by God to bring Him glory.

And so I continue to pray for our little one - whom I have known from the very start of this pregnancy- has been perfectly formed by God to bring Him glory and will be used to draw others closer to Christ. I know that because this baby has already drawn me closer to Christ and taught me so much about loving and trusting in our Savior. And I continue to pray for John and I as parents - that we will be godly examples of the one who perfectly plans...

*about 7 weeks away from meeting this precious gift... :)

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Janice said...

it is good to know that our prayers are similiar to others, with the same root, that no matter what, this child will be a blessing for however long the world is able to experience her. Thanks for being reflective!