pregnancy brain and foundations

So this is a conversation I had during our staff meeting yesterday... (background - we talked last week about reading a book together as a staff and then discussing it during our staff meeting.. ) so.. we start the meeting

Jamie: Were we supposed to have read the first chapter in the book?
others: no - we havn't started that.. we don't have the book
Jamie: yes we do - we got it last week, remember? except that I can't find mine!
Arlene: no, we don't have them yet....
Jamie: sure we do - last week, I just don't know what I did w/ it.. I looked in my office, it's probably at home though..
Cheryl: no really, they're right here, we didn't get it yet.. (mark the pastor - shaking his head yes, we didn't get them yet..)
Jamie: Oh, I guess that is why I can't find mine!

THis is typical of how my brain is working these days.. it's scary!

Last week the mason finished the foundation - yippee! This week - the contractor is here setting up the frame of the addition.. very exciting! here's the foundation pics..

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Janice said...

i couldn't help but laugh...my brain has been lacking filters lately, so i just start talking and an hour later i'm still talking, yes other people are there as well, but i just say whatever, no filters, this is so going to get me in trouble...