Marathon Day!

it's pouring now, but early this morning, the sun was shining and loads of people crowded in over at the Waterfront in Wilmington for the Delaware Marathon! We arrived that about 6:30am..
and the line for the porta potty's were out of control all ready!

John gets ready by eating a goo pack.. yummy!!

the gun goes off at 7:00 and John is at the front of the pack feeling good!!

Here comes John - the first part of the first loop - about 2 miles into the race- already ditching the hat! (he's 3rd back there..)

3rd time through.. this is at about 15.5ish miles or so.. he's ahead of his scheduled time! :)

this was some random guy running - all dressed in pink, w/ a pink tutu and a pink wand.. ya.. i had to get a picture! haha..

4th time through.. at about 21 miles.. or so. he's doing well! one more lap!!

Coming in at the finish!!!! yeah John!!!!

go John go!!! coming in at he finish line!!!
2nd best time in 6 marathons - 3:11:57
Qualified for Boston!! wohoo!!!

here he is afterwards.. soooo tired!! his legs ached... but he did so good!
that was our morning.. now we're relaxing... and thinking about naps!

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