28 weeks

We had our 28 week appt today! wohoo! :) Baby seems to be doing well. Heartbeat is in mid 130's... last time it was mid 140's.. so coming down. Belly is measuring right on target. I go 4 weeks till the next appt and then i'm every 2 weeks.. we're getting there!

I also had the glucose tolerance test or screening test. the 1 hour. the drink was okay - def. not as bad as I had imagined. Now, I wait - if something is abnormal - they'll call Monday or Tuesday. Otherwise - June 6th is our next time there.

I need to update the pic of the addition... walls and all! :) Monday they come to work in the house - in teh kitchen - so this weekend - w'ell be empthing that out! Now that we won't have a kitchen - they had seriously bust a move! Seriously..

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