pre-natal counselling appt

yep - that's what we had yesterday - sounds so very official. John, - being the wonderful and ever so curious, thirsting for knowlegde husband that he is - went with me AND took notes! I get lazy and just tend to listen, but John takes it all down and he didnt' miss a thing. They asked a lot of questions - family history.. birth defects... do you smoke... are you related by blood to each other??? WHAT?! um.. NO! Gave us a LOT of information to know for ourselves - these are the appts you 'll have.. extra tests you can have done to see if something is wrong or could be wrong w/ the baby... - apparently some pple do that and if there is somethign wrong - they end the pregnancy... I could go off on that b/c it makes me so angry - We are obviously praying for a healthy baby - but if something happened to be wrong w/ our baby - we would love this baby just the same if not more. So we opted out of the extra testing to see if baby has or could have somethign wrong... Eat this, don't eat that... sex is ok... anything and everything you ever wanted to know - we found out! Then I had to pee in a cup and of course my shy bladder froze - i could have predicted that - it does it to me everytime!! You'd think being pregnant -it would want to pee on demand - but nope! So - we talk somemore.. they spend 45 min. trying to draw blood on me - but can't get the needle in my tiny, uncooperative veins... I think I got stuck 5 times.. it was fun. Poor John couldn't watch - but he did spoon feed me fruit out of a cup which the nurse gave me cause I think she was afraid I would pass out from such stress - i was fine, but thoroughly enjoyed the yummy fruit and the doting upon! That was it.. she said our due date is Aug. 3rd. So there you have it! Appt # 1 - check!

Next - sonogram to listen to the heartbeat - or dare i say - heartbeats -now THAT would be funny! - Jan 18th. An entire month away...

I continue to want to sleep non stop.. my stomach doesn't like me very much but hasn't thrown up on me yet which i'm grateful for.. and my boobies hurt like - a lot! ouch! but other then that, life goes on.. and today I am 7 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I havn't gained any weight yet but I sware my belly is rounder and squishier.. - it's not attractive! poor John..

John on the other hand picked up his new work van today!! wohoo! Now he can load his van and not have to unload it day after day when he works... We're selling his truck - so if you know of anyone who wants a very nice nissan frontier in excellent condition - hollar at us! Business is moving up - we now have work vehicle! we're so official.. Go John! It needs a name.. - I tried marshmellow - it is all white - but John didnt' feel like ti was a manly enough name.. manly - who needs a manly van?!

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