Thanksgiving adventures

Wow, it's been a whirlwind weekend! We have done so much and been so busy and I sit here exhausted on Saturday night wishing I didn't have to work in the morning :( But, it's been good!
Thanksgiving day was fun! John and I both ran in the annual MS 5K - John also did the 10K before the 5K. John did great... me - not so much, but I finished!! Just wasnt' feeling so great while running.. and it was like 70 degrees which is crazy! I was pretty tired when it was all over!! We spent the afternoon at my parents house eating turkey and apple and pumpkin Pie - all was delicious!
Friday, we left the house at 6:30 am.. (john's idea - not mine!! it was so early!!) And we shopped all day long.. al day I tell ya! We got home at like 5ish.. we got some good stuff, but we were beat! Neither of us has ever shopped like that before.. crazy!

Today, we met up w/ the Kane's for our family breakfast and christmas tree cutting down adventure! It was fun seeing family I don't get to see too often and playing aroudn w/ my cousins! It was cold out, but a beautiful day. The trees were great and everyone cut down one! ( we have one already, so we went for fun!). Then we went the rest of the way to lancaster and spent the day there - yes, shopping some more! I know crazy!! :)

now, we're home.. i think we might watch a movie.. and sleep!!!!! Here's some pics from todays fun!

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