I still can't figure out the security thing on the wireless and it's a bit annoying! i'm so frustrated w/ all the instructions I keep reading and yet, it's not working for me.. anyway... i think tonight, we'll just click the internet on the modem - off..

My cat has fleas.. we've been fighting w/ the eggs for a bit now.... and she's so old she doesn't even scratch where they are... i sprayed stuff on her last night and today bathed her. she is so lovey after her bath.. she just wants to snuggle, so this afternoon she crawls onto my lap, i wrap her up in a towel to warm her up a bit.. and she falls asleep w/ her little head on my arm.. SO sweet!! Only then, I see a flea on her nose! I guess I didn't scrub her head as well as i should have.. just the rest of her body and that is where it went.. I got that one.. but missed the next bugger that i saw later.. now i'm sitting here next t her itching.... grrr. I really don't want to have to bomb the house... i'm hoping it goes away! (unlikely right?!).... ah well.. i guess i'll keep spraying her w/ this stuff and giving her a little bath w/ some flea shampoo.. next time i'll put it more on her head.

went running at the park today w/ John.. well, we go to the park together but he's so much better then I am.. that we don't end up running together... He says Hi when he laps me.. ya, pathetic. I think i'm getting a tinsy bit faster though..

John has been so busy w/ starting up his preservation business. Now that he's done classes and the apprenticeship and he's on it full time.. the calls keep coming in. He's the only one - apparently who does presevation/restoration of houses/building - in the Delaware area - and some in the Maryland area.. he's book right now pretty much through to next summer - which is so great, but also so overwhelming! And.. he's crazy busy f rom the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed.. i'm working on praying for him and being patient - b/c we havn't gotten to spend much time together and there are nights I def. feel that - as he's either on the computer writing up proposals, sending emails... making phone calls or like tonight - working in the basement on a door threshold... I feel like God has really blessed us w/ the overabudance of work. - but we are going to need to find a balance.. and eventually - a bigger work space (the basement isn't gonna cut it for long), a work van, and a employee (not me!).. Lots to figure out, but God is providing and i'm thankful for that.

Ok.. i'm reading the book - the power of a praying wife - so i best get back to it!

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