Some random updates here...
*weekend was busy busy - pool party at Kelly and Bob's - had a fun time - catching up w/ Linda and Todd and seeing their new little baby Nadia, and seeing Ted and Heather... and Kelly and Bob of course! Fun fun... Sunday - I preached - went fine! glad it's over!! THen had a surprise party at my sister in laws house for John's mom - she turns 60 in a couple of weeks. She was very surprised! Kind of funny actually watching her reaction - like - what are all these people doing yelling surprise at me for?!! ha!

*Came home sunday though w/a migraine - have had it since.. feeling kind of crappy...

* Ben and Robin get married on Sunday! ;) Wohoo! Should be fun

* John and I then leave monday morning for the youth mission trip. THe youth and 2 other leaders will leave on sunday - we'll meet them there. Pray for us and a good week!!!

* John is into week 6 i believe of his apprenticeship. IT's hot this week to be working outside!

* Chrissy and Josh - friends of ours - had their baby yesterday! their 3rd boy!! WElcome baby Joey! :)

* I think that's all I've got... Phew!

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