showers and pastors

We had a lovely bridal for Robin on Saturday! I think she was surprised!! Ben did a good job of keeping a secret then! I believe they are down to just a mere 41 days till the wedding!! :) I do have pics.. - which I have to get on the computer - so watch for those! It was a full house and loads of people that Robin didn't know - yet... but she does now!

Mark preached here yesterday- lots of people showed up.. and he got voted in as the new pastor. We had a very nice reception for him afterwards... i had a ton of help w/ kids which was great - so I was able to be in the congregational meeting... He begins his work here July 16th. Get ready for transition!

John is in Lancaster today through Wed... :( I miss him already!! but, I know he's going to have a great time - he's at Landis Valley Farms.. training for his apprenticeship. He's been so excited about starting this app. in Fairmount park - and now it's here! YA!!!

I have a car wash on Saturday to prepare for, the last day of SS on Sunday and teachers appreciation to work on... and summer shceduling and programming and mission trip and... VBS... and.. my list really coudl go on!!

Check back soon for pics! (but not TOO Soon!) haha

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