Nor' Easter

Well, the weather really has been less then delightful. Today, April 16th - I saw snow on the ground... this is def. not right!

I worked with John on friday!! I was his gopher - we put the windows in at Fort Dupont. They look very good and now I know how windows are installed! We did the chains and all!!!! :) I even was allowed.. (haha) to use the circular saw and the nail gun once in a while! haha.. it was a long day - but a good day!

We did n't make it to Philly for the homeless yesterday due to the weather - so we're going this Sunday instead. I hope it dries out! I also have a fundraiser Saturday night... so very busy. John has class Saturday - they are working on the slate roof of a spring house.

Mom leaves for N. Ireland thursday with Aunt Ann.

Hope you all had a nice weekend and stayed dry!

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the myers' family said...

Sounds like you were a busy beaver on Friday...glad to hear that the window project went well and John even let you use some of the power tools!!