Happy 11 Months!

Today is our 11 month anniversary! Honestly - when we think of our wedding - we both laugh! It was certainly a day of adventures! Hopefully we'll be able to get through this next May 21 without throwing up!! :) Anyway - I am very grateful for my husband and for his love. We are learning so much about loving, being selfless, being patient... and we are growing each and every day. I love you John! :)

So, i'm guessing mom and Aunt Ann made it to Ballyclare, Northern Ireland! They were supposed to fly out Thursday evening.. but - after sitting in the airport ALL afternoon - they missed their flight. Seems the gate changed on them and they were unaware.. so, they call me in a panic... trying to get a flight rebooked. . they did - for Friday night. So they spent thursday night and all day friday in the airport. By now - i'm sure they smell ripe and are exhausted! A bed will feel good tonight.. haha.. oh my!

I'm off today to the church for a fundraiser - a parents nite out - or glorified babysitting.. i think we have like 27 kids.. so, i'm glad it's so nice out - we'll be outside! john is at class for th day.. and then heading out w/ his friend John for a drink and some catch up.

Tomorrow after church we are heading into Philly w/ some students to hand out food and backpacks to the homeless. Pray for our ministry w/ them and the conversations that take place.

I'm off! :)

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the myers' family said...

11 Months! Can you believe it's been that long? Time flies when you are having fun! I pray that the next 11 weeks, 11 months, 11 years and more will be filled with many blessings!